STAR SC and Playermaker UNO Partnership

STAR SC and Playermaker UNO Partnership

Playermaker UNO helps both teams and individuals get unparalleled insights into performance and reach their highest level of performance and puts players in a prime position to:

  • GET SCOUTED and recruited.
  • IMPROVE technique, game speed, conditioning, agility and balance. 
  • UNDERSTAND strengths and weaknesses.
  • SHARE sessions and data with teammates, coaches and scouts.
  • OPTIMIZE injury risk reduction strategies.
  • TRACK performance and progress using data.
  • ANALYZE data with a precise summary report after every session and game.

 The Uno tracks 15+ technical and physical soccer-specific key performance indicators, including: 

  • Number of touches.
  • Left vs right touches.
  • Possessions/involvement.
  • Time on the ball & average time on the ball.
  • Distance covered.
  • Number of sprints.
  • High intensity runs.


At STAR we are committed to helping all of our members reach their maximum potential which is why we partnered with Playermaker to unlock a discount just for our players:


To get your 10% DISCOUNT, visit and use the discount code UNOSSC at checkout.